Gas heating

Natural gas heating is well known for its efficiency and for the increased comfort it generates. The use of natural gas is widespread in Canada, where he ranked first as a source of energy dedicated to heating.

Natural gas is the cleanest of all fossil fuels, that is to say, it produces less particulate pollutants than other fossil fuels when burned. Its main characteristic is the ability to produce instant heat, thus promoting energy and time savings.

It is not surprising that natural gas is the choice of so many Canadians not only to heat their homes, but also for daily use appliances such as a water heater, clothes dryer, kitchen range, fireplace, etc.

Central gas heating

Natural gas furnaces are high-performance appliances which keep even temperatures in every room of your home, ensuring unparalleled comfort. Furthermore, high-efficiency gas heating units enable you to save energy.

If your area is served by a natural gas network and that your home is already equipped with ventilation ducts, it pays to consider the installation of a natural gas central heating system, whether it is a warm air or hot water system:

Warm air central gas heating system

This system is comprised of:

  • an air exchanger
  • a furnace
  • a heat recuperator
  • a heat distribution system

Main advantages:

  • Gas heating eliminates large quantities of air-borne dust and therefore improves air quality
  • Offers the possibility of adding an optional filter, a humidifier and an air conditioner
  • Can be installed in a single-family house and in co-owned properties
  • Hot water central gas heating system

This system is comprised of:

  • A hot water boiler

Main benefits:

  • Quickly heats every room of your home evenly
  • Enables you to install radiant floors, a popular choice for heating kitchens and bathrooms
  • Certain boilers can function autonomously in the event of an electrical failure

Water heaters

Natural gas water heaters recover their heat twice as fast as electric water heaters and most of them are autonomous to protect them against power failures.

There are three types of natural gas water heaters:

  • Power vent water heater : requires a wall outlet with electric ventilation
  • Direct vent water heater: requires a wall outlet, works in case of power failure
  • Atmospheric vent water heater : requires a chimney

When choosing your water heater, consider the following:

  • Size of the storage tank: it must be evaluated in terms of the first hour rating (FHR) a performance measure for storage, and not the size of the tank. Some small water heaters equipped with powerful burners have a higher rating than large water heaters. The FHR is the amount of hot water (in liters) a water heater can supply in one hour, starting with a full tank of hot water.
  • The energy factor (EF): the higher the EF, the higher the efficiency.

Extra tip: make sure the product you buy bears the ENERGY STAR seal. In addition, choose a water heater according to your actual daily needs and not in anticipation of higher occasional hot water needs. An oversized tank generates a high initial cost and greater load losses, resulting in higher energy costs.

Continuous flow water heaters

Also known as tankless water heaters, continuous flow gas water heaters are gaining popularity because they offer energy costs savings up to 40% since the water is heated only on demand. They are particularly popular with condo or small home owners because of their compact size allowing them to be installed almost anywhere.

Continuous flow water heaters are also known for the following benefits:

  • Endless hot water
  • Less water wasted
  • Healthier water: since water circulates continuously, there is no water stagnation, causing bacteria as in standard tanks
  • Safe and reliable: lasts twice as long as a hot water tank
  • Requires minimal maintenance

Financial assistance available

Whether you are looking for an air or water heating system, various financial assistance programs are available for the purchase of gas heating units: see your local gas distributor for full details or directly contact a dealer in your region, who can also provide wise advice.

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