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Central Heating System


A periodic inspection, cleaning, lubrication, and adjustment of your heat pump is available from your dealer. Be sure to ask him or her about this service. For those who prefer to do it yourself, follow the instructions below to care for your heating and air conditioning system.


Keep the outdoor unit free of foliage, grass clippings, leaves, paper, and any other material which could restrict the proper air flow in and out of the unit. The coil may be vacuumed to remove any debris from between the fins. If the coil becomes excessively dirty, turn the main disconnect switch to “Off” and wash the coil with your garden hose. Avoid getting water into the fan motor and control box. Flush dirt from base pan after cleaning the coil.


Some fan motors are provided with lubrication ports. Inspect your indoor and outdoor units to determine whether or not lubrication ports are provided.

The fan motor is shipped with an oil supply which will last for several years under normal operating conditions. After this time, each motor bearing should be oiled with 10-15 drops (approximately 1/4 teaspoon) of SAE 20 non-detergent electric motor oil or automobile oil. DO NOT use definite purpose oils such as sewing machine, cleaning, rust preventative, cutting, household, etc.

If your system is an add-on type, (installed in conjunction with a standard furnace) inspect your furnace blower motor and care for it in the same way.


Inspect the air filter(s) at least once a month. If they are dirty, wash reusable filters with a mild detergent per manufacturer’s recommendations. Replace disposable filters with new filters. Install the clean filters with the “air flow” arrow in the same direction as the air flow in your duct. Filters should be clean to ensure maximum efficiency and adequate air circulation.


Coil cleaning solutions must be diluted according to the manufacturer’s instructions. The use of undiluted coil cleaning solutions on the coil WILL damage the coil coating.

Warning this product must be installed and serviced by a qualified installer or service agency. Improper installation, adjustment, alteration, service or maintenance can cause injury or property damage.