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Wine Cellar Cooling Unit INOA50 Eurocave

Wine Cellar Cooling Unit
INOA50 Up to 1,750 sq.ft.

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The Inoa 50, the most silent single-unit air-conditioner on the market: soundproof box, silent blocks on the compressor. The acoustic pressure of Inoa is 8 dBA less than other, standard air-conditioners on the market. An energy-saving technology: thanks to an ambient temperature based speed adjustment system, Inoa does not function continuously and does not rely on the compressor very much. A unique remote control, wireless management system, placed as close to the bottles as possible, enables remote management and viewing of the cabinet temperature, with the most accurate readings possible. An easy to install product: the Inoa 50 is a single-unit; the evaporator and condenser are contained within the same unit.


Height x Width x Depth: 50" x 15 1/2" x 12 3/4"

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