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Pool Heaters (Heat Pumps)

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Pool Heaters (Heat Pumps) Thermeau Industries inc.
Commercial Pool Heater TH200 Thermeau Industries inc.

Commercial Pool Heater
TH200 185,000 BTU

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As Canada’s leader in commercial pool heaters, THERMEAU offers a full range of quality products that feature top-performing components:
  • Largest single-phase heat pump on the market (200K);
  • Advanced Hot Gas Defrost (HGD) system enables you to optimally heat your pool when temperatures drop below freezing;
  • Innovative design and compressor acoustic cover make THERMEAU’s pool heaters the quietest on the market;
  • Twisted titanium heat exchanger provides maximum heat transfer, resulting in increased output, high efficiency, and super hydraulic flow;
  • Three phase unit offers 10-15% more energy efficiency than single-phase pool heaters;
  • Oversized evaporator coil for better exchange;
  • Profiled fan blade helps to improve airflow and minimize noise;
  • Easy installation, thanks to small footprint;
  • Easy access front panel to facilitate installation and servicing;
  • Lockable temperature control box;
  • Multiple installations available for very large swimming pools;
  • THERMEAU products can be transported and installed without cranes or flatbed trucks;

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