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The Master Group sells only in the provinces of Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes.

Commercial Water Heaters

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Commercial Water Heaters Giant
Light Duty Gas Commercial Water Heaters (Standard) UG75 Giant

Light Duty Gas Commercial Water Heaters (Standard)
UG75 73 US Gal.

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These atmospheric gas water heaters are ideally suited for most light duty commercial applications. They are available in natural and propane gas with a 73 US gallon capacities with an input of 76,000 BTU, and feature:

  • Thick uniform blanket of eco-friendly insulation
  • Inner tank lined with blue cobalt glass enriched with zircon
  • Automatic temperature control
  • Side tappings for space heating
  • Factory installed di-electric nipples
  • Factory installed temperature and pressure-relief valve
  • Dual high quality magnesium anode
  • Tamper resistant one-piece brass drain valve

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