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Fuel Air Ratio Controller
ControLinks System

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Go Linkageless with ControLinks and get Ahead of the Curve

Replaces traditional single point modulation of a mechanical cam and linkage assembly, which controls the relationship between fuel, airflow and flue gas recirculation (if used) on a power burner.

Up to 4 independently controlled universal parallel positioning actuators (UPPAs) are commanded by the ControLinks™ Controller, which responds to load and firing rate demands.

Honeywell's ControLinks linkageless fuel air ratio control provides more accuracy and efficiency in actuator positioning and burner firing, which equates to less service and downtime.

May be used on single or combination fuel single burner applications, including power burners, boilers, process furnaces, ovens, smelting, kilns, paint drying booths, VOC burn-off, ceramics, make-up air heaters or any full modulating burner as part of a retrofit or new burner application where increased efficiency is desired. Particularly suited for hospitals, schools, universities, office complexes, commercial retail complexes, multi-unit housing dwellings and industrial process production facilities.

Efficient operation is obtained by replacing old mechanical single point linkage systems with the ControLinks Fuel Air Ratio System, reducing fuel usage from 2% to 6% and beyond.


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