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Programmable Thermostat 300225 Robertshaw

Programmable Thermostat
300225 7 Day

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  • Contemporary Design - Fits into any decor
  • Large LCD - Easy to read display
  • Occupied/Unoccupied Mode - Allows for different settings for day and night
  • Compressor Short Cycle Protection - Preserves integrity of HVAC system
  • Lockable Keypad and Front Door - Two levels of security against unwanted tampering
  • O & B Terminals on Select Models - For use with heat pump or controlling dampers and fresh air economizers
  • Auto Changeover on Select Models - Automatically switches between heating and cooling system to maintain comfort
  • Remote Sensor Comple - Connects to optional remote indoor or outdoor sensors for optimal comfort


  • 300-225     1H / 1C Gas / Electric
  • 300-229     2H/2C Gas / Electric


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