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Bathroom Fans

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Ventilation Delta Breez
Humidity Sensing Ceiling Fan VFB25ACH Delta Breez

Humidity Sensing Ceiling Fan
VFB25ACH 80 CFM / <0.3 Sones

Energy Star Certified
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The energy saving bathroom solution.

The introduction of the Breez Ventilation Fan marks a new achievement in green construction for bathroom ventilation. Factory controlled tests reveal the Breez Ventilation Fan surpasses popular competitors’ models with advanced functionality, lower power consumption, and lower noise.


Innovative design for long life, low noise and low power consumption.

The Breez Ventilation Fan combines several design innovations, including a DC brushless motor and switch power supply to provide a quieter solution with energy savings up to 74% compared to
similar products.

The Breez Ventilation Fan is easy to install in new construction or an existing bathroom to deliver an unobtrusive appliance with aesthetically pleasing results. The product is safety certified and has passed the EMC test.


VFB25ACH4” Duct (Standard)
Static Pressure (Inches w.g.)0.10.25
Air Flow (CFM)8052
Power Consumption (Watts)7.18.3
Energy Efficiency (CFM/Watt)11.76.5
Speed (RPM)8761,111
Current (Amps)0,12 @ 120 Vac
Power Rating (V/Hz)120/60


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