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Heat Pumps Unico System
Heating Module MH3660 Unico System

Heating Module
MH3660 3 to 5 Tons

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The simplest installation for your new home

Besides its high efficiency, the ease of installation and versatility of The Unico System ranks it among the most convenient in the industry. The Unico System has a number of features and benefits that set it apart from all other central heating and air conditioning solutions. As the world’s leading air management system, The Unico System provides superior indoor comfort in all applications: the system can be installed in combination with a heat pump, a conventional cooling system, a water cooled air conditioner or even a hot water heating system.

Moreover, since the system is completely sealed and has no large grilles that can retain dust and contaminants it ensures that the air you breathe in your home remains pure and fresh.

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