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Heat Recovery Ventilator | HRV TP-HRV105F Moovair

Heat Recovery Ventilator | HRV
TP-HRV105F 112 CFM

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The Moovair HRV is designed and developed for the residential new home construction and renovation markets to improve energy efficiency and indoor air quality.

  • Compact model
  • User-friendly and attractive wall control
  • Integrated dehumidistat mode
  • Intermittent mode allowing 20 or 40 min operation per hour
  • Automatic defrost mode allowing the HRV to operate at cold temperatures
  • Aluminum core with cross-flow air exchange for high heat recovery efficiency
  • Easy to remove filters and core for cleaning and maintenance
  • Easily accessible electrical connections for installation and for quick and simple maintenance
  • Can be easily connected to the existing central system
  • Insulated housing for quiet operation
  • High efficiency fan motors reducing energy consumption

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