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eRewards 2018 - check your balance of eRewards points online now!

Earn eRewards and redeem your points on applicable gift cards for electronics, home products and also Master products!

Automatic entry for each product purchased online worth over $2.

For each product
purchased value*
between $2 et $99,99
1 point
between $100 et $499,99
5 points
between $500 et $999,99
10 points
over $1,000
15 points
Over 2,000 points + min. of 50 different products
$600** in gift cards or Master dollars
1,000 points + min. of 40 different products
$350 in gift cards or Master dollars
500 points + min. of 30 different products
$200 in gift cards or Master dollars
250 points + min. of 20 different products
$100 in gift cards or Master dollars
125 points + min. of 10 different products
$50 in gift cards or Master dollars

for choice of gift cards:

Gift cards

***Purchase Master products with Master dollars.
Offer applies only to new orders/purchases.

Some conditions apply.


*Value=Customer net price   **Maximum amount


   2018 eRewards leaflet

  • Returns are deducted from the points calculation at the end of the promotion.
  • Back order products are not included in the points calculation.
  • No gift cards will be issued or sent prior to November 15 to allow spot checks and adjustments, if required.
  • eRewards cannot be exchanged for cash.
  • Master reserves the right to replace or withdraw a gift card provider at any time without prior notice.
  • Master dollars can only apply on a new order for products.
  • Only products available on e-master are eligible to the eRewards promotion.
  • Points awarded to products sold per measure unit (by length or by weight) are based on each measure unit and its price, not on the quantity purchased.
  • The purchase of a minimum number of different products is required for each level of prizes.
  • Master reserves the right to cancel this offer at any time without notice.
  • Prizes are not cumulative. Only one prize offered per company.
  • Only online purchases apply to this promotion.
  • It is the participant’s responsibility to comply with his company’s policy on promotions and to remit prize to the company if such is the decision of its management.
  • Purchase amounts eligible for points exclude all applicable taxes.