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e-Récompenses 2017

Earn e-Rewards and redeem your points on applicable gift cards for electronics,
home products, travel and also Master products!

Automatic entry for each product purchased online worth over $2.

For each product
purchased value*
between $2 et $99,99
1 point
between $100 et $499,99
5 points
between $500 et $999,99
10 points
over $1,000
15 points
Over 2,000 points (min. of 50 different products)
$650** in gift cards or Master dollars
1,000 points (min. of 40 different products)
$400 in gift cards or Master dollars
500 points (min. of 30 different products)
$200 in gift cards or Master dollars
250 points (min. of 20 different products)
$100 in gift cards or Master dollars
125 points (min. of 10 different products)
$50 in gift cards or Master dollars

for choice of gift cards:

***Purchase Master products with Master dollars.
Offer applies only to new orders/purchases.

Some conditions apply.


*Value=Customer net price   **Maximum amount

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In the Your Name menu ( top right ), select Account Settings. In the My services and preferences section, check the eCommerce box and Save!

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   2017 eRewards leaflet

  • Returns are deducted from the points calculation at the end of the promotion.
  • Back order products are not included in the points calculation.
  • No gift cards will be issued or sent prior to November 15 to allow spot checks and adjustments, if required.
  • eRewards cannot be exchanged for cash.
  • Master reserves the right to replace or withdraw a gift card provider at any time without prior notice.
  • Master dollars can only apply on a new order for products.
  • The online purchase catalog contains selected categories and products. See details on
  • Points awarded to products sold per measure unit (by length or by weight) are based on each measure unit and its price, not on the quantity purchased.
  • The purchase of a minimum number of different products is required for each level of prizes.
  • Master reserves the right to cancel this offer at any time without notice.
  • Prizes are not cumulative. Only one prize offered per company.
  • Only online purchases apply to this promotion.
  • It is the participant’s responsibility to comply with his company’s policy on promotions and to remit prize to the company if such is the decision of its management.
  • Purchase amounts eligible for points exclude all applicable taxes.