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What's New

We have something new, just for you!

We have made improvements to the dealer pages for you to offer more information to your consumers:

  1. Improved quotation request system
  2. Notifications to your user account
  3. OPEN/CLOSED icon
  4. Estimated installation delay
1. Improvements to the quotation request system

In order to ensure a better follow-up on consumer quotations:

  • You have 48 hours to accept or reject a request
  • A new web page shows real-time tracking of the request
  • You will receive one reminder by email before the request is transferred to another dealer in the consumer’s area
2. Notifications on new quotation requests (user account)

Notifications represent information about your user account. There are different types of notifications:

  • User account access changes (when you are the administrator)
  • New quotation requests pending approval
  • General notifications about the site such as : something new


Consumers will no longer have to scroll the page to access your business hours: at a glance, they can now see in real-time whether your business is open or closed.

It will therefore be more important than ever to keep hours up to date on your dealer page in order for the information to be automatically updated.


4. Estimated installation delay

A new field highlighting your installation delay is now available. The objective is to give more information to the consumer and consequently avoiding phone calls for this information.