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My Client Account (Accounting Data)

  • Search for paid and unpaid invoices
  • Status of account transactions
  • Search by products ordered
  • Copy of invoices sent by email
  • Copy and resubmit a previous order you wish to repeat
  • Order by using an existing saved order
  • Download your account statements

Dealers Directory More info

  • Manage the web page dedicated exclusively to your company
  • Also geolocated on the mobile site

Inventory with or without Prices

  • Refrigeration: evaporators, compressors & units, condensers and refrigerants
  • Residential: central systems, mini splits, air exchangers, parts and geothermal
  • Ventilation: grilles, diffusers, belts and ducts
  • Heating: equipment and parts
  • Hardware: pipes, fittings, controls, valves, tools, etc.

 >> Over 65,000 stock products offered


eCommerce (Online Purchases)

  • Less than 2 minutes to place an order and always be the first one served
  • Receive your order the next day or pick it up at the branch of your choice
  • Available 24/7
  • Telephone assistance, Monday to Friday from 8 AM to 5 PM

>> Safe, reliable, prices respected
>> Free delivery for orders over $200

* Some conditions apply. Please refer to Master’s shipping policy for details.


Electronic Billing (Receipt of Invoices by Email)

  • Efficiency, time saving, simplified filing and eco-friendly

>> Look for an invoice from your computer according to the order number, PO number, serial number or item number


Account Administrator More info

  • Allows you to independently manage the accounts of users in your company
  • Create, change or delete yourself the access of your employees or colleagues
  • Safe and immediate management, for instance in the case of the sudden departure of an employee

Advanced Shipping Notice (ASN) More info

  • Confirmation of delivery sent by email
  • PO number
  • Carrier’s name
  • Tracking number
>> For easily tracking the status of your deliveries