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Online Services User Guide

List of questions most frequently requested

I have registered however; my Master online account is not yet available, how come?

Before authorizing an account opening or access changes to an account, a manual verification is done via your Master Representative. Usually this process is completed within 48 hours following registration or request for changes. If after this time, you haven’t received a confirmation, it is possible that your file review requires more time. For questions, contact us by email at online.

My navigator informs me that Master online presents safety risks. What should I do?

Depending on your navigator (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, etc.) and of its safety level, you could receive a warning message advising you of possible safety risks on our site. You must confidently accept the Master online safety certificate or modify your safety settings according to the navigator you are using.

How can I cancel an order?

There are two ways to cancel an order:

1-    Write to online. In your message, you must include:

a) order number;

b) reason for cancellation.

2-    Call us toll free at 1-866-645-2281.
Important: you must cancel your order quickly since products are shipped out to you the next day!

Can I order from a warehouse other than "Siège social (Mtl)" automatically set in my account?

Yes. Although all products ordered online are delivered from the warehouse "Head Office (Mtl)", you can choose a pickup location to pick up your order yourself. To do this, you must have the access "Pick-up at a Branch Option" in your account settings.

What’s the use of a shopping list?

A shopping list allows you to save some products as favourites. To create a shopping list go to the "Orders" tab and select link for Shopping List. In the "create a new list" field, enter a name for your list and click on "Go". To add a product to your list, you must first add it to the cart and use the "Copy cart items to list" function.

Other than ordering, what kind of information can I have access to with Master online?

Depending on your access terms, Master online can offer you the following options:

1-    Prices

2-    In stock quantities

3-    Balance information (Profiles – Account)

4-    Order history (Orders – Order inquiries)

5-    Back orders (Orders – Back orders)

6-    Order history (Products – Order history)

Why can’t my account allow me to order and/or have access to prices?

Depending on your access terms and conditions, it is possible that you don’t have access to prices or that you can’t order on Master Online. In order to change these terms, we ask that you send us a request for access changes by changing the information found in "My Client Account – Profile" and then clicking on the "Submit" button.

Why are certain products not available on Master online?

Certain products are not offered on Master online; such as commercial & industrial products and also refrigerants. It is also the case with "non stock" products. Eventually, some of these products will become available. We will inform you at that time.

How come the Reference does not appear when I print my order?

For technical reasons, "Reference" does not appear on print out of order confirmation. However it does appear when you print the "Shopping cart" validation at step 4 prior to "Place on Account". It will also appear on your "Picking ticket" as well as on your "Invoice".

Note that you must first enter data in the "Reference" field at step 2 in order for the info to appear.

My credit is due, can I order?

No. Master online is reserved exclusively for clients of The Master Group with an up to date client account.

I do not have an account with Master, can I order?

No. Master online is reserved exclusively for clients of The Master Group with a current and operational client account.

To request the opening of an account, please click here

Can I pay my order with a credit card?

No. However this option will eventually be offered. We will inform you when the time comes.

If I quit my session without ordering, will selected products remain in my shopping cart?

Yes. As long as your order has not been sent or that you haven’t emptied your "Shopping Cart" using "Empty Cart" or "Change Cart", the selected products will remain in your cart.

What are the customer service hours?

From 8AM to 5PM, Monday to Friday, with the exception of Legal Holidays.

What are the shipping fees?

Transportation costs are in accordance with Shipping Policy of the Master Group. To learn more, please consult the following documents:

I want next day delivery, what is the cut off time to send my order?

To receive shipment on the next business day, your order must be received by 3:30PM (Eastern Time).

When will I receive my order?

If we receive your order before 3:30PM (Eastern Time) shipment will arrive on the next business day. For orders received after 3:30PM, shipment will arrive one day after next business day. The exact time of delivery depends on the carrier. To find out at what time you will receive your order, please refer to your carrier.

What is the return policy of the merchandise?

The policy of returning the goods is the usual return policy of the company. To view it click here.

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I have a question about products, services or an order, who should I contact?

For all questions related to products, services or about an order, please contact your Master branch.

I have a question regarding the use of Master online, who should I contact?

For technical questions about the use of Master online, contact for support at 1-866-645-2281 or email to online.