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The Coleman and York brands stand out from the competition

Forbes Advisor, a global platform dedicated to helping consumers make the best product choices, has recently compiled a list of the top five HVAC manufacturers and of the best air conditioning brands, based on factors like efficiency, durability, warranty and customer rating.

Coleman ranks #1 in 2021 Best HVAC Companies list

Coleman Heating and Air Conditioning is the most widely used home comfort brand in the United States. The Echelon Series models are known for their technological features that improve noise reduction and overall efficiency. They have a SEER rating of about 16.4, which is on par with the highest-level brands in the industry. Coleman’s lines are more stylish and quiet than other brands, and the warranty on most of its products is 10 years, or even lifetime for some models.

Best Air Conditioning Brands 2021

When comparing mid-range AC systems for average-sized homes from the top ranking companies, York models came in third. With their unique features such as touch-screen thermostats, Quiet Drive and automated zoning they stand above the crowd. York’s warranty on their Affinity line of products is the best in the business. It provides a lifetime warranty on their compressors and 10 years for any other parts.

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Coleman and York heat pumps