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New service: Advanced Shipping Notice


As of January 17th, 2011, The Master Group will offer a new management tool for shipping. Enjoy the ability and leisure of tracking your deliveries easily by receiving an advanced shipping notice as soon as your order preparation has been completed.
Quick, efficient and easy plus many more benefits such as:

  • No need to make phone calls;
  • Receive the information immediately, no need to wait for a Representative to be available to answer your request;
  • Immediate response when you are asked about the status of a delivery;
  • Supply chain efficiency due to an upgraded availability of information;
  • You can register two members of your company. As of January 17th, both will receive an email confirmation including the P.O. number, tracking number and the carrier’s name.

This service is offered only for orders leaving our main distribution center located on Montarville Boulevard, Boucherville.
For additional information and to register, click here.