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Master Dealers are receiving their iPad

The eRewards 2012 online purchasing promotion is in full swing and many dealers have already accumulated the necessary points to receive their iPad.

You are not registered or not using online services? Try out this easy and flexible service which will save you time and earn you great electronic rewards until October 1st, 2012.



Refrigeration Plus Inc

Armand Albert (Refrigeration Plus) and Rocky Perry (The Master Group)


Kevin Baker (Baker Heating and A/C) and Richard Chartrand (The Master Group)

Carleton Refrigeration

Brad Jackson (Carleton Refrigeration) and Dave Bourgeau (The Master Group)

R. Bessette

Étienne Bessette (Climatisation R. Bessette) and Alain Castonguay (The Master Group)


Jocelyne Gagnon (Climco Climatisation) and Pascal Léveillé (The Master Group)

Climatisation Mixair

Johanne Samson (Climatisation Mixair) and Alain Castonguay (The Master Group)

S. Air Fortier Inc

Richard Éthier (The Master Group) and Marie-Josée Domingue (S. Air Fortier)

Sica Ventilation

Justin Leblanc (Sica Ventilation)

JC Robinson

Courtney Robinson  (J.C. Robinson & Sons) and  Richard Chartrand (The Master Group)


Antoine Sleiman (Climatech) and  Nicolas Pelletier (The Master Group)

Refrigeration Outaouais

Gilles Paquette (Refrigeration Outaouais) and Steve Bourgon (The Master Group)


Guy Desrosiers (M. Desrosiers) and Stephane Denicourt (The Master Group)   



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