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Fujitsu Dive into Summer Savings Promotion

Summer is not over yet! Hot, humid, suffocating days are still expected. Treat yourself to the ultimate in terms of comfort units and take advantage of a mail-in rebate up to $200 when you purchase Fujitsu’s high performance RLS3 & RLS3H models, the best on the market.

The Fujitsu Dive into Summer Savings promotion starts July 15 and until September 30, 2015. It allows you to receive a rebate applicable on the purchase of selected RLS3 and RLS3H units. With a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) up to 33, Fujitsu’s new RLS3 and RLS3H air conditioning and heating systems have been named the most efficient in North America. Simply a smart choice.

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Fujitsu Dive into Summer Savings Promotion

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