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Fujitsu blows a breath of fresh air into hell

Imagine the hottest place in the world. A place where the worst heat wave occurs. This could be your living room in July. Or hell.

Master launched its summer advertising campaign to promote Fujitsu’s high performance air conditioners and heat pumps. The concept, signed “Fujitsu, designed for extreme heat”, consists of a television commercial transporting us straight to hell where the devil is furious that his universe is now comfortable because one of his deputies has installed a Fujitsu wall mounted air conditioner. Any standard air conditioner can compete with hot weather but there is only Fujitsu to compete with extreme heat!

See video (available in French only)

The campaign airs from May 27 to June 23 in the Greater Montreal, Quebec City and Moncton markets.

Fujistu Conçu pour les chaleurs extrêmes


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