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Photo Luc Bouchard Luc Bouchard
Vice-President, Development and Network Operations

Experience and vision

Luc Bouchard has been leaving an imprint on various aspects of the operations of the Master Group since he joined the company as a branch representative in 1993. Before becoming vice-president – operations in 2007, he notably headed the refrigeration division and then the entire network of branches. In his current function, his main responsibility is to facilitate interaction between the branches, the sales teams and the administration. His success within the company is due to his in-depth experience and comprehensive understanding of the company’s operational needs, along with his dedication and superior listening skills.

Experience, versatility and vision are among Luc Bouchard’s distinguishing assets.

Photo François Brisebois François Brisebois
Vice-President, IT

Creativity and a willingness to go the extra mile

François Brisebois joined the Master family in 1990. He has worked on a great variety of projects over the years, in response to an endless stream of technological developments. Innovating and being ahead of the competition is what drives him and his team. His creativity, dedication and sound grasp of business realities contribute to the company’s growing success.

An innovator at the vanguard of change, François Brisebois became vice-president – logistics and information systems in September 2007.

Photo Benoit Chayer Benoit Chayer
Vice-President, Sales and Strategy

Strategic vision

Bachelor in mechanical engineering, Benoit took his first steps in the HVAC-R sector as a Refrigeration Technician. He has successively worked as a Supervisor and Project Engineer at Kraft Canada Inc. In 2011, he joined Master as Product Manager, Commercial Equipment (LG and YORK) to develop the VRF market, train sales personnel and adapt the structures of each department to operate with this new type of equipment. Noted for his strategic vision, ethics and product knowledge, he was promoted to the position of Vice-President, Sales and Strategy in 2015.

Photo Pierre-Marc Desbiens Pierre-Marc Desbiens
Vice-President, Engineering and Products

Structure and discipline

Since joining The Master Group in 2005, Marc has climbed the ranks from Representative to engineering consulting firms, to Director and now Vice President, engineering and products. He holds a bachelor's degree in engineering from McGill University and a master's degree in engineering management from Sherbrooke University. Marc has distinguished himself by his discipline and openness, which makes him a visionary team player, capable of deploying continued efforts aimed at growing the business while keeping in mind the importance of providing quality services to clients.

Photo Alain Fournier Alain Fournier
Senior Vice-President, Business Development

Determination and enthusiasm

Alain Fournier’s career at Master Group spans close to 25 years. After starting out as a sales representative in one of the company’s branches, he rose through the ranks to become sales manager in 1993. He became a shareholder in 1999 and was promoted to the position of executive vice-president in 2009. Persistence, leadership and team spirit are among the assets that have contributed to the company’s growth and influence.

Determined and enthusiastic, Alain Fournier was named executive vice-president in January 2009.

Photo Rolland Grenier Rolland Grenier
Senior Vice-President, Sales

Mastering advanced technologies

With a degree in Mechanical construction, Rolland Grenier has seen his career marked mainly by his long presence and his ascension working for an advanced (ou high tech) heating & ventilation manufacturer where he started as a draftsman and estimator, to subsequently being appointed to the joint position of Sales Director and General Manager. These latter functions allowed him to improve and exploit his knowledge of the North American market, a major asset for The Master Group which he joined in 2011 as Products Director, hydronic heating, a fast growing sector for which he possesses a great expertise.

His outstanding strategic vision, management of sales operations, technical skills, product and market knowledge and his dedication earned him a senior management position in December 2012 as Vice-President, Sales Montreal.

Photo Eric Lajoie Eric Lajoie
Regional Sales Vice-President

An acute sense for sales and customer satisfaction

Since his arrival at The Master Group in 1991, Éric Lajoie has successively occupied the positions of Sales Representative, Sales Manager, Montréal and Principal Sales Director, for the greater Montréal area.

His devotion, creativity, good judgement and knowledge of the market make him the perfect candidate to take over the reins of this territory as Regional Sales Vice-President in January 2009.

Photo Stephan Lauzon Stephan Lauzon
Vice-President, Distribution and Logistics

Vision-driven and pragmatic

Stephan Lauzon joined the Master team in 2017 with an impressive record: over 25 years in logistics and more than 50 distribution center designs in Canada and the United States including Master’s Boucherville distribution center and for various companies including Couche-Tard, Novexco and 99 Cents Only Stores, a very important discount retailer with more than 400 points of sale in the American southwest where he also served as Senior Vice President during the last four years. A visionary and strategic team player, he excels in the field of operational optimization.

Photo Christian Levasseur Christian Levasseur
Vice-President, Supply Chain

Supply chain expertise

With a Master's degree in administration, Christian Levasseur has over 25 years of purchasing and supply chain experience, including a marked twelve-year stay at Costco and more recently at Quincaillerie Richelieu and Goodfellow Inc. As an accomplished and rigorous manager, he has refined his expertise as a purchasing and inventory manager of multiple warehouse networks in Canada and the United States, in addition to prospecting and sourcing products from around the world, mainly from Asia, Europe, South and North America. Christian joined the Master team in June 2017.

Photo Greg Miller Greg Miller
Senior Vice-President, Finance and Administration

Financial savoir-faire and superior administrative skills

Greg Miller is a seasoned professional with over twenty years of financial management experience at senior levels. He obtained a bachelor’s degree in accounting at Concordia University in 1984 and a graduate degree in accounting at McGill University in 1987, along with his CA designation (chartered accountant). After six years at the international accounting firm Coopers and Lybrand, he acquired valuable experience, mostly as vice-president or controller, in key economic sectors such as aerospace, manufacturing, insurance and distribution. He joined Master Group in 2005 as vice-president – finance and administration. His responsibilities include managing the accounting, credit, real estate, returns and human resources departments.

Knowledgeable employees working together as a team add up to solid growth and sound financial results under the leadership of this effective communicator.

Photo Jean-François Routhier Jean-François Routhier
Senior Vice-President, Operations and Supply Chain

Business and entrepreneurship acumen

Jean-François is a versatile young man with extraordinary experience in the business community. Over the course of his career, he has developed leading-edge expertise in the areas of operations, finance, project management, business development and in mergers and acquisitions, with more than 30 transactions to his credit, both in Canada and in the United States. His work ethic, strong team spirit, dedication, passion and interpersonal skills have ensured that since his arrival at Novacap in 2005 he has been promoted several times before reaching the position of Principal, position he held until joining Master in 2017. 

Photo Louis St-Laurent Louis St-Laurent
President and Chief Executive Officer

Business acumen and management flair

Louis St-Laurent has been president of the Master Group since 2006. He started to make his mark upon graduating from Concordia University, thanks to his superior interpersonal skills and innate business sense. After gaining experience as a sales representative at Kraft, he was hired in 1984 as sales manager of Master’s Kelko division. With the company’s rapid expansion, he was promoted to the position of vice-president – marketing in August 1990. He became a shareholder a year later.

Louis St-Laurent is a natural leader and a remarkable executive who is deeply respected within the industry.