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Top heating brands for more comfort, performance and energy savings

HeatingThrough a network of over 650 independent retailers, The Master Group offers a wide range of heating appliances, such as furnacescentral heat pumpswall mounted heat pumps, as well as radiant floor heating systems and gas water heaters and electric water heaters.

Keeping warm and facing winter peacefully, knowing that your heating system will work without a hitch, is a basic necessity in our northern climates where the cold season can extend over a long period of the year.

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It is important to choose a system adapted to the climate, the type of building to be heated and your budget. If the system exceeds the set budget limit, remember that it may be wise to invest the additional amount if the system will provide better energy savings in the long run. It is more than likely that the return on investment will be obtained in just a few years, and that the system will offer superior comfort.

Technological advancements have seen a number of highly energy-efficient products enter the market. When the time comes to choose a heating system, whether a central system or ductless, heat pumps are a very attractive option in terms of comfort and energy savings. Not only can they offer air conditioning during the summer they also provide heat at minimal operating costs during the winter.

Wall mounted heat pumps are increasingly popular choices both for their ease and flexibility of installation and for their superior performance. These ductless systems are also available in multi-zone heat pumps versions. What is a multi-zone system? It is a ductless heating system with a single outdoor unit that can be combined with up to eight indoor units in one home. These systems allow for the independent management of comfort zones and a precise temperature control according to the varying needs of each room, whether they are always in use or mostly unoccupied, from the basement and up. Several types of indoor units are available - wall mounted unit, concealed, ceiling cassette and floor console - to suit your needs and to fit with the architecture of your home.

Whether you are looking for a heating system for your home, cottage or simply for domestic hot water supply, we offer a wide range of systems and energy-efficient water heaters, many of which are ENERGY STAR certified.

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YZV (Affinity Series)
Central Heat Pump 2 to 5 Tons - Up to 20 SEER

Everyone wants time to relax and be comfortable. That’s why we created Affinity high efficiency heat pumps, so you can take it easy when it comes to all the things you want out of a home comfort system. Things like dependable performance, energy efficiency and operating economy.

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