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Heat Pumps

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Heat pumps

Among the various heating and air conditioning systems available on the market, heat pumps are an increasingly popular choice, and for good reasons. Besides bringing you comfort, season after season, significant heating cost savings can be achieved when you decide to install a heat pump.

Choose from our wide range of high performance wall mounted ductless heat pump and central heat pump systems of which many models are ENERGY STAR® certified.

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For even more energy savings, chose to install an ENERGY STAR Most Efficient heat pump. Our heat pump models bearing the ENERGY STAR Most Efficient label are recognized as the most efficient among all ENERGY STAR ® qualifying products for the current calendar year. These exceptional products represent the cutting edge in terms of energy efficiency.

Choose from renowned brands such as YorkFujitsu, Moovair and Elios, wfich are recognized for performance, quiet operation, reliability and the best warranties in the industry.

Also read our articles Choosing a heat pump and How to choose the heating system best suited to your needs. They offer tips and information to help determine the right type of unit for your home and help you make a smart choice.

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Wall Mounted Heat Pump 12,000 BTU - 29.3 SEER

All RLS3H models feature high efficiencies and are ENERGY STAR® Most Efficient 2015 Qualified, meaning lower utility bills for home and business owners.