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Wall Mounted Ductless Heat Pumps

See Fujitsu Wall Mounted Ductless Heat Pumps
Heat Pumps Fujitsu
Wall Mounted Heat Pump 12LMAS1 Fujitsu

Wall Mounted Heat Pump
12LMAS1 12,000 BTU - 23 SEER

Energy Star Certified  Fujitsu NEEP Certified  Fujitsu
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Advanced ductless technology for consistent and perfect comfort in winter and summer
Fujitsu offers innovative units from the latest technology to provide you with year-round optimal comfort.

Slim and stylish design
Best in class, feature packed, inverter heat pump system  with new slim wall-mounted system and improved fan design.

There’s reliability, then there’s Fujitsu reliability
Fujitsu systems are remarkably reliable: more than 99.99% have never had to be replaced or removed from where they’ve been installed during the life expectancy of the unit. This exceptionally high rate of reliability stems from Fujitsu’s unrivaled quality control processes. This commitment to quality combines 40 years of HVAC experience with state-of-the-art testing technology. This rigorous testing leads to heating and cooling systems that function both reliably and effectively even in extreme temperatures or other inclement conditions.

High efficiency
High efficiency, ENERGY STAR rated systems with state-of- the art coil design and increased fan performance.

Optimal ventilation
Large cross-flow fan – New and improved fan design that delivers high performance with lower energy consumption, ultra-quiet operation, down to 19 dB, as low as a whisper, for a better temperature stability all around the house with a high CFM of 453.

Third party thermostat converter (optional)
Control your Fujitsu heating and cooling system with your favourite smart thermostat (not included).


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