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Wall Mounted Ductless Air Conditioners

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Wall Mounted Air Conditioner GWC09MB (Builder) Gree

Wall Mounted Air Conditioner
GWC09MB (Builder) 9,000 BTU - 15 SEER

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GREE Builder Series air conditioners are ranked first in the high-performance and affordable segment. Number one choice for their reliability and energy savings, they offer many features which make the competition green with envy.

  • G10 Inverter Technology - Allows you to reach your exact desired ambient temperature rapidly while reducing your energy consumption. G10 Inverter Technology also ensures quieter operation by reducing compressor vibration and noise.
  • Intelligent Defrosting - Only performed when needed in heating mode, reducing energy waste by eliminating unnecessary defrost process.
  • Cold Air Prevention - Maintains air flow at the desired temperature at the start and after defrost to prevent cold drafts.
  • Outdoor coil with anti-corrosion coating.


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