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Solar Hot Water System
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Superior Solar Heat-Transfert Appliance

The Solar Rating & Certification Corp. (SRCC), the industry’s governing body, rated the Helio-Pak 25% more efficient than conventional heat-transfer appliances. In other words, the Helio-Pak generates more solar hot water to your home in a shorter amount of time than other brands. The unique design of the Helio-Pak also makes it much less sensitive to scaling in areas with hard water. These quality attributes are a result of years of unique refinements and technological innovations from Heliodyne.



Quality components for optimal performance

All Heliodyne solar hot water systems come with ease of installation, durability, and affordability in mind. By familiarizing yourself with the two main system components, the solar collector and heat-transfer appliance, you’ll see why Heliodyne systems are ahead of the competition.


Solar Collectors

The most reliable collector in the industry

The Heliodyne GOBI solar collectors have proven to be the most durable, and among the industry’s highest-performing collectors on the market, guaranteeing you many years of optimal performance. The quality and design we put into every component ensures a sturdy collector that maximizes the energy output from the sun. As a result, our collectors work exceptionally well even in areas with limited sunshine. Besides outstanding functionality, the collectors are also designed to complement your home, with an attractive, subtle low profile with an all-black finish.


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