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Pool Heat Pumps Hayward
Pool Heater (Electronic) H200ED2  / H200PED2 Hayward

Pool Heater (Electronic)
H200ED2 / H200PED2 200 MBH

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Hayward's most advanced technologies have been incorporated into each of the Electronic heaters. For example, Our direct spark ignition is dependable under windy conditions - keeping the temperature consistent and your fuel costs down. Extend the warmth of your hospitality with the addition of a fuel-efficient, digitally precise system that will transform the element of water into an element of pure enjoyment.

  • Digital LED control panel for simple and accurate read-outs and settings
  • Reliable direct spark ignition
  • Patented non-corrosive polymer headers
  • High-performance flow control management
  • Energy-efficient FireTile combustion chamber
  • CPVC plumbing connections reduces installation time and cost
  • "V" groove finn late provides fast heating with virtually no condensation
  • High-quality Eugenox burner system


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