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Old Models - Heat Pumps

See Fujitsu Old Models - Heat Pumps
Heat Pumps Fujitsu
Multi-Zone System 36RLXFZ Fujitsu

Multi-Zone System
36RLXFZ 36,000 BTU

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  • Independant management of comfort zones
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Ultra quiet
  • High-efficiency

In 4 zones with 3 units of 7,000 BTU unit and a 18,000 BTU unit, only ARU18RLF and AUU18RLF can be used. Wall mounted ASU18RLF cannot be connected in this combination. See Design & Technical Manual for capacities.
If AOU36RLXFZ is paired with two 18,000 BTU indoor units, you have to purchase optional kit Part #K9FZ1818. Capacity based on non-ducted models. For ducted or mixed refer to capacity table in Design & Technical Manual.


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