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Gas Furnace TM9X (Lx Series) York

Gas Furnace
TM9X (Lx Series) 60 to 120 MBH

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Saves Money While it Keeps You Warm
With a LX Series 95.5% AFUE gas-fired furnace, it's easy to cut heating costs up to 31% compared to most furnaces that are 20 years old. For instance, our hot surface ignition technology doesn't waste fuel like a standing pilot does. Self-cleaning inshot burners precisely regulate the fuel mixture to ensure efficient, quiet and clean operation. And, a 100% shut-off main gas valve will completely turn off all gas flow to assure your safety. Plus, the new direct drive X13 motor uses 2 times less electricity than the standard multi-speed furnace blower.

Durability in Every Detail
The entire system is built to last. The hot surface ignition system is virtually maintenance-free. Our aluminized steel tubular heat exchangers are made to resist the corrosion and cracks which can develop in dieformed exchangers. And, the heavy-duty cabinet is made of pre-painted steel with an appliance-like finish which resists corrosion and fading.

How comfortable is your wallet?
By matching your York® system with other York® equipment, you will maximize energy efficiency. Ask your York® dealer about central air conditioning systems, heat pumps, fans, filters, IAQ equipment and advanced controls to complete your system. Talking to your dealer will keep you informed, save you money and time, and protect your family’s health — all part of York® Comfort.


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