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Furnace HB Series Haier

HB Series 2 to 5 Tons

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  • Compact size for closet, utility room, attic, crawl space or basement installations
  • Fully convertible-upflow, left or right horizontal and counterflow positions
  • Direct drive multi-speed psc motor for higher efficiency and greater comfort
  • Flowrater metering device to ensure optimum efficiency over a range of operating conditions. 
  • Pre-wired for optional electric heater connection

Quality Construction

  • Rust resistant, galvanized steel cabinet
  • Insulated cabinet lowers heating and cooling costs while reducing noise

Quality Coils

  • Haier high efficiency coils
  • Lanced/enhanced aluminum fins maximize heat transfer
  • Internally grooved copper tubing for superior performance
  • Multi-position, corrosion resistant reinforced plastic drain pan for all airflow positions

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