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Central Air Conditioner  TCGF (Comforteer Series) Coleman

Central Air Conditioner
TCGF (Comforteer Series) 2 to 5 Tons - 14,5 SEER

Energy Star Certified  Coleman
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The [mc]2 central air conditioning system has one of the smallest footprints of any unit with a 14,5 SEER rating. Less space required outside, more cooling capacity inside. Trust the [mc]2 to keep operational costs and temperatures down.

  • Smaller size requires less space and can mean more room in your yard
  • Meets new government 13 Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) criteria and operates 30% more efficiently than older 10 SEER models
  • Quiet sound levels
  • Liquid line filter-drier protects compressor
  • Easy-access design can mean simpler maintenance
  • Durable, appliance quality finish
  • Nylon mesh and tight-knit coil guard for added protection


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