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Central Air Conditioner  HC Series Haier

Central Air Conditioner
HC Series 1,5 to 5 Tons - 13 SEER

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  • High efficiency, high reliability compressors
  • Totally enclosed, permanently lubricated fan motor
  • Full ranges of 13 SEER products from 1.5 te 5 tons
  • Reliable electronic control provides defrost capabilities for a wide range of outdoor conditions, while insuring system components operate within their design parameters (HP)
  • Full metal jacket protects the coil from damage
  • High Pressure Control-Protects compressor
  • Low Pressure Control-Prevents compressor operation if there is a loss of refrigerant
  • Factory installed liquid line crier
  • Reduced annual electric consumption
  • Heavy gauge galvanized steel construction
  • Powder paint provides superior finish and rust/corrosion resistance
  • Elevated base pan rails reduce rust and corrosion
  • Drainage holes prevent standing water in base pan, further reducing corrosion


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