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Geothermal Systems

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Geothermal Systems

An ingenious and effective solution that reduces global warming and protects our environment.

Geothermal SystemsAn increasing number of consumers, worried about the environment and looking for alternatives to traditional energy sources are turning to geothermal energy to heat and cool their home. Natural, clean and safe a geothermal system are the most efficient type of heating and air conditioning in the world. It uses free, renewable energy from the earth and reduces the use of fossil fuels, generating savings in heating, cooling and hot water production by as much as 70%.

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Various events demonstrate the undeniable impact of climate change on temperatures, especially extreme weather conditions such as more frequent heat wave periods. Simple gestures from each of us can contribute significantly to reducing greenhouse gases. As temperatures rise, more and more homeowners are looking for environmentally friendly comfort solutions and opting for geothermal energy.

Reliable, high-performance and proven, geothermal energy is without a doubt the greenest way to heat and cool your home. It is possible to install a geothermal system almost anywhere: vertical ground loops are suitable for small lots even urban areas whereas larger lands require the installation of a horizontal closed ground loop. Owners who have access to a body of water can take advantage of this resource and consider the option of a pond loop. Finally, in the presence of an ample source of clean, high-quality water, an open loop type of installation is ideal.

See our certified geothermal dealer directory to find a specialist in your area. They will determine what type of installation is best suited for you and will do a full analysis of your project. More than any other type of heating and cooling system, a geothermal project must absolutely be entrusted to a certified expert. The efficiency and reliability of a geothermal system depends greatly on the loop design. A properly designed loop will provide the energy needed to meet your needs, will have an unlimited lifetime and will remain an efficient source for generations to come.

Discover our selection of geothermal heat pumps which are among the most effective on the market. Some of our systems are ranked number one in terms of energy efficiency because they can provide more than five units of thermal energy for each unit of electrical energy consumed. This is why certain models are even considered the most efficient geothermal heat pumps in the world.

With the savings calculator below, see how much you can save on your energy bills by replacing your existing heating and cooling system with a geothermal system.

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