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Gas Furnaces

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Permanent comfort

Gas furnaces control temperature accurately. The colder it gets outside, the more heat your home loses. Depending on the time of day and the efficiency of your heating furnace, you can experience drastic temperature changes. Understanding the distinctions between different types of furnaces will help you make the right choice for your home. Choose from renowned brands such as YorkColeman and Luxaire, which guarantee exceptional energy efficiency and constant comfort.

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How to choose the right gas furnace? 

Making the right choice of a new furnace is more important than you may think because it will directly affect your daily comfort during our long winter months and for many years. In addition, your choice will have a significant impact on your expenses. In addition to your criteria in terms of price, comfort and durability of the unit, there are other factors to consider. The living space and the insulation of your home are also key elements and it is important to work with a certified dealer who has all the required skills to analyze your needs.

Gas furnace technology has evolved considerably in recent years. These innovations make it a heating unit of choice to ensure the comfort of your home. When it is installed and serviced properly, a high efficiency system will be much more efficient that your actual system, especially if it has over 10 years of existence. The higher the efficiency, the better its performance and the greater your savings.

The efficiency or return rate of a gas furnace is reflected as a percentage. This percentage indicates the portion of the total energy consumption that is converted into heating. For example, a unit that offers an efficiency rate of 80% converts 80% of the fuel into heating, while the remaining 20% is lost in the chimney duct (flue gases). It is therefore relatively easy to figure it out when in the process of buying a furnace, at least in terms of efficiency. Rest assured, if a 20% loss may seem considerable, the new high efficiency products offer an efficiency rate up to 98%!

A professional can help you determine the required capacity of your new furnace. Capacity is a key element since you may experience discomfort (too warm or too cold) or unnecessary expenses if it is now well suited to your needs. Also, do not fall into the common trap of acquiring a unit that over performs for fear of being cold. When the efficiency is too high for the needs of a home, this results in too many start/stop sequences which cause the clogging of the heat exchanger.

Throughout our large network of independent certified dealers, you will find a comfort system that suits you, such as gas furnaces.

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