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Electric Furnaces

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Efficient comfort

An electric furnace heats the air using electric resistance. The heated air is then blown by a fan through a network of ducts and distributed evenly throughout your house.

Spend the cold season in the warmth of your home by choosing an electric furnace from renowned manufacturers like YorkColemanLuxaire and Stelpro whose units are recognized for their outstanding energy efficiency and reliability.

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There are certain advantages to install an electric furnace, especially for the replacement of an oil system:

  • The cost of an electric furnace is lower than a gas furnace
  • Minimal installation costs and easily adaptable to existing ductwork
  • Quieter than gas or oil furnaces due to the absence of a forced ventilation system
  • Clean and odorless
  • Ability to use the network for cooling by adding a central air conditioner or heat pump
  • The installation of an electric furnace requires no chimney
  • No emission of pollutants harmful to the environment
  • Since there is no fuel loss, 100% of the electrical energy required is converted into heat and remains inside the home
  • Good air quality due to constant air movement when set on low speed

There are four types of electric furnaces on the market, each designed differently to allow installation and operation tailored to the needs and various house configurations:

  • Upflow furnaces recommended for basement floor locations
  • Horizontal flow furnaces particularly suited for crawl space installations
  • Downflow furnaces highly recommended for mobile homes or homes with the main floor built on concrete slabs
  • Multi-position design electric furnaces which can be installed in any condition

Even though no energy efficiency standards apply to electric furnaces and no models are eligible for the ENERGY STAR qualification, they can still be an affordable choice in areas where electricity costs are relatively low.

If you opt for a full conversion of your heating system from oil to electricity, unused chimney flues must be closed off, insulated, and sealed. Closing off the chimney flues can have an effect on drafts and humidity levels in the house, and will reduce heat loss.

Chosing an electric furnace

While electric furnaces are not known for their energy efficiency, certain models offer excellent results and maximum comfort. Here are some details to consider when choosing your equipment:

  • Choose an electric furnace model equipped with an Electronically Commutated Motor (ECM) which automatically adjusts blower speed to boost efficiency and meet a wide range of airflow requirements. The ECM motor also offers better humidity control, efficiency, and indoor air quality by circulating air more evenly and 24 times more quietly than with a conventional motor.
  • Check the manufacturer's warranty
  • Also consider the installation of a heat pump: it will offer maximum comfort at a minimum cost, since your furnace will take over only during very low temperatures

Talk to a certified dealer, he will be able to answer all your questions and advise you on the purchase of the best equipment according to your needs.

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