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Cooling: What are your options?

Cooling: What are your options?
Cooling: What are your options?
Cooling: What are your options?

Whether you choose a central system or wall mounted cooling unit (air conditioning) is the most effective way to provide fresh air and comfort during great heat waves. And depending on the type of home, your specific needs and of course your budget, we offer a wide variety of systems to meet your requirements.

Cooling unit and heat pump

The vast majority of consumers looking for the comfort of cooling are turning to heat pump units because not only do they offer an air-conditioning option to deal with intense summer heat, they also provide an enveloping warmth when the winter wind starts to blow, and very low energy costs.

Our heat pumps provide high energy efficiency, some are even considered the best in the industry. You can also sleep tight because many of our models are backed by the best warranties in the industry for optimum comfort and peace of mind for many years.

The benefits of getting a cooling unit

The main function of a cooling system is to provide freshness when the mercury rises. However it also offers many other benefits such as restoring humidity levels which are very often the main cause of discomfort and improving ventilation and air quality in your home. It also improves the ventilation and air quality of your home.

Central, wall mounted, window, portable, thru-the-wall…

There are as many possibilities as they are they are types of budgets or needs, and today, more than ever, air conditioning is accessible to everyone. While central and wall mounted heat pumps are without question the best buy in terms of comfort, performance and energy savings, there are many other available options: if you are a tenant and do not want to invest in a permanent installation, it is now possible to get a portable or window air conditioning unit at a reasonable price. Certain Friedrich window models even quality as ENERGY STAR, which means they offer exceptional energy efficiency. With their sleek and discrete design, these air conditioners offer advanced features such as 12-hour electronic programming and simplified electronic settings. 

The top brands, the most efficient units and the best certified dealer network

The choice of a cooling system most suitable for your needs and the quality of installation are critical to your total satisfaction and hassle-free operation for years. The Master Group offers the best selection of central and wall mounted units among the most efficient, and you can rely on its large network of independent dealers for advice and high quality installations.

Before buying your cooling system, it is strongly recommended to contact a certified dealer who, during a visit, will take the time to analyze and understand your comfort needs and to advise you on choosing a new unit or a replacement unit.

A wide range of cooling systems

Wall Mounted Heat Pump Fujitsu 12RLS3H

12RLS3H Energy Star Certified
Wall Mounted Heat Pump
12,000 BTU - 29.3 SEER

Central Heat Pump - YHM (LX Series)

YHM (LX Series) Energy Star Certified
Central Heat Pump
1.5 to 5 tons - 16 SEER

Wall Mounted Air Conditioner GWC18QD (Lomo)

GWC18QD (Lomo)
Wall Mounted Air Conditioner
18,000 BTU - 16 SEER

Central Heat Pump - CH16 (LX Series)

CH16 (LX Series)
Central Heat Pump
1.5 to 5 tons - 16 SEER

Central Air Conditioner Luxaire TC7 (LX Series)

TC7 (LX Series) Energy Star Certified
Central Air Conditioner
1,5 to 5 Tons - 17 SEER

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