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Cooling: What are your options?

Cooling: What are your options?
Cooling: What are your options?
Cooling: What are your options?

Whether you choose a central system or wall mounted cooling unit, air conditioning is the most effective way to provide fresh air and comfort during heat waves. Our wide selection of cooling solutions allows you to choose the system that is the best fit for your home, needs and budget.

Air conditioners and heat pumps

The vast majority of consumers looking for the comfort of cooling are turning to heat pumps because they offer an air-conditioning option to deal with intense summer heat while also providing considerable warmth when the winter wind starts to blow. Heat pumps are also less costly to operate.

Our heat pumps are highly energy efficient, with some even being the most efficient in the industry. You can also sleep tight knowing that many of our models are backed by the best warranties in the industry.

The benefits of getting a cooling unit

The main function of a cooling system is to provide relief when the mercury rises. However, it also offers many other benefits such as restoring humidity levels which are very often the main cause of discomfort as well as improving ventilation and air quality in your home.

Central, wall mounted, window, portable, thru-the-wall…

There are as many possibilities as there are types of budgets and needs. Luckily today, more than ever, air conditioning is accessible to everyone. While central and wall mounted heat pumps are without question the best buy in terms of comfort, performance and energy savings, there are many other options available. If you are a tenant and do not want to invest in a permanent installation, it is now possible to get a portable or window air conditioning unit at a reasonable price. Certain Friedrich window models are even ENERGY STAR certified, which means they offer exceptional energy efficiency. With their sleek and discreet design, these air conditioners offer advanced features such as 12-hour programming and simplified electronic settings. 

The top brands, the most efficient units and the best certified dealer network

Choosing the right cooling system and getting it installed properly are both critical to ensuring that you can enjoy your unit worry-free for years to come. The Master Group offers the best selection of energy-efficient central and wall mounted units, and you can count on our large network of independent dealers for advice and professional installation.

Before buying a cooling system, it is strongly recommended to contact a certified dealer who, during a visit, will take the time to analyze and understand your comfort needs and help you choose a new unit or a replacement unit.

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