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Coleman History

Coleman® Heating & Air Conditioning

Coleman® Heating & Air Conditioning is one of the core residential brands sold by York, A Johnson Controls Company, a large manufacturer of heating and air conditioning equipment. As part of a $30-billion company, Coleman® Heating & Air Conditioning provides its customers with all the benefits of a large corporation, such as a wide product range, extensive research and development, innovative manufacturing facilities, and national distribution, all while still giving their customers the undivided attention they deserve. Efficient, reliable heating and cooling solutions backed by courteous service with a smile makes Coleman® Heating & Air Conditioning products the smart choice for homeowners, dealers, and distributors looking to make a sound investment.


For over 100 years, Coleman® has been providing world-renowned quality and comfort. Starting it all in 1900, W.C. Coleman sold lanterns to Kingfisher, Oklahoma merchants to pay for his final year of law school. His lanterns’ popularity grew rapidly and by 1914, Coleman introduced the first 300 candlepower lantern. The product was credited with lighting up rural America. The Saturday Evening Post touted Coleman's accomplishments: "Except for Thomas Edison, Mr. Coleman may be responsible for the creation of more bright light than any other man."

In 1923, the Coleman Company introduced the fold-up camp stove. It quickly caught on. When the Great Depression took hold of the country, Coleman turned to manufacturing gas floor furnaces and oil space heaters

Then, during World War II, Coleman® introduced the GI pocket stove. Over one million GIs went to war with this excellent invention.

By 1958, the Coleman Company had entered the Heating & Air Conditioning industry, designing units for mobile homes. The success of this endeavor led to a full-fledged entry into the Heating & Air Conditioning industry. This move resulted in the acquisition of Red T Coil - a leading independent manufacturer of evaporator coils and fan coil units - in 1984.

In 1990, Beacon Capital Corporation negotiated the purchase of Coleman®'s Heating & Air Conditioning division to create Evcon Industries. By 1996, Unitary Products Group of York, A Johnson Controls Company had acquired Evcon Industries and continued to market their products under the Coleman-Evcon name.

In 1999, realizing its outstanding brand recognition, Unitary Products Group decided to market products, solely under the Coleman® name - a name now known for rugged, reliable performance in the great outdoors and the great indoors.

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