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The Master Group sells only in Canada.

Central Heat Pumps

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YZV (Affinity Series)
Central Heat Pump 2 to 5 Tons - Up to 20 SEER

Everyone wants time to relax and be comfortable. That’s why we created Affinity high efficiency heat pumps, so you can take it easy when it comes to all the things you want out of a home comfort system. Things like dependable performance, energy efficiency and operating economy.

HC20 (Echelon Series)
Central Heat Pump 2 to 5 Tons - Up to 20 SEER

All Echelon air conditioning systems are designed for longlasting reliability and energy-efficient performance. Replacing an old unit with a high-efficiency Echelon system significantly lowers your electricity cost.

Heat pump, central system

heat pump generates heat or air conditioning by transferring heat from one place to another. In winter, it serves as a heating system, while in summer it serves as air conditioner. Our central heating systems provide optimum comfort throughout the year. They are energy efficient, quiet and backed by some of the best warranties on the market. Choose from renowned manufacturers such as YorkColeman and Luxaire.

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