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Board of Directors

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Photo Jacques Foisy Photo Jacques Foisy
Jacques Foisy

President and Managing Partner, Novacap

Jacques started his career with KPMG in Montreal and later joined the Olympia Group, a meat processing company where he worked for more than 12 years. His involvement in numerous mergers and acquisitions helped the company become the largest hog processing business in Canada, known today as Olymel-Flamingo. He joined Novacap in 1994. Member of the board of directors of The Master Group Inc., Jacques is also currently a director of Octasic Inc., Royal Mat Inc., Knowlton Development Corporation Inc., Multibar Group Inc., Metro Supply Chain Group Inc., Nautilus Development Corporation Inc., Enviro‐Viridis Development Corporation Inc., LPDC Holding Corporation Inc. (Smyth), IPL Inc., Idaho Pacific Holding Inc. Storage Systems Holding Corp (Pipp), and Bentley Leathers Development Corporation Inc. He has also received the Arista Award for personal achievement in business..

Photo Alain Fournier Photo Alain Fournier
Alain Fournier

Senior Vice-President, Business Development

Determination and enthusiasm

Alain Fournier’s career at Master Group spans close to 25 years. After starting out as a sales representative in one of the company’s branches, he rose through the ranks to become sales manager in 1993. He became a shareholder in 1999 and was promoted to the position of executive vice-president in 2009. Persistence, leadership and team spirit are among the assets that have contributed to the company’s growth and influence.

Determined and enthusiastic, Alain Fournier was named executive vice-president in January 2009.

Photo Marc Paiement Photo Marc Paiement
Marc Paiement

General Partner, Novacap

Marc started his career as an entrepreneur being the founder of one of the largest contract stationer in Quebec which he sold in 1994 joining Novacap thereafter until 2001. In 2001, Marc left Novacap to become the owner-operator of Multiple Awnings between 2002 and 2011, Canada’s largest and fastest growing manufacturer of awnings and exterior products which benefited from a 600% growth in sales during Marc’s tenure. Following the successful sale of his business in December 2011, Marc rejoined Novacap in April 2012. On top of his investment experience with Novacap, Marc benefits from hands on experience in manufacturing, distribution, retail, import-export and services. He is and has been active on numerous boards of directors of private companies and entrepreneur associations including ICE (USA), SNOC, Cuisines Experts , YEO (Young Entrepreneur’s Organization), Fonds Régional de Solidarité and Société d’Investissements Jeunesse. He lived, studied and worked many years in Ontario prior to joining Novacap. He has completed a Bachelor of Laws (cum laude) and his Quebec Bar certification at the University of Ottawa. Moreover, he earned an MBA degree from the University of Western Ontario (Richard Ivey School of Business) and a Masters’ degree in International Commerce accreditation from the Université Catholique de Louvain in Belgium.

Photo Michel Ringuet Photo Michel Ringuet
Michel Ringuet

Financial expertise and a talent for business

Since 2006, Michel Ringuet is CEO of Master Group Inc., a leader in the distribution of HVAC/R equipment in eastern Canada. Prior to this, he held the position of VP Finance and Administration from 1990 to 2006. Under his leadership, the company maintained an exceptionally high growth rate for 25 years and has been designated by Deloitte, CIBC and the Globe & Mail as one of Canada’s best Managed Companies consecutively over the last four years. Following these achievements, Master drew the attention of Novacap, an investment fund who recently became a strategic partner and shareholder.

Prior to joining the Master Group where he is particularly active in corporate development and strategic investments, M. Ringuet worked in various finance and investment departments of National Bank of Canada and BMO.

Mr. Ringuet holds a Bachelors Degree in Administration from Université Laval and an MBA from McGill University. He sits on the board of directors and audit committee of Lumenpulse Inc. (TSX: LMP) a public company active in the architectural LED lighting industry, in addition to chairing Fondation Tel-Jeunes, a charity whose been supporting Quebec’s youth for over 25 years.

Photo Jean-François Routhier Photo Jean-François Routhier
Jean-François Routhier

Senior Vice-President, Operations and Supply Chain

Business and entrepreneurship acumen

Jean-François is a versatile young man with extraordinary experience in the business community. Over the course of his career, he has developed leading-edge expertise in the areas of operations, finance, project management, business development and in mergers and acquisitions, with more than 30 transactions to his credit, both in Canada and in the United States. His work ethic, strong team spirit, dedication, passion and interpersonal skills have ensured that since his arrival at Novacap in 2005 he has been promoted several times before reaching the position of Principal, position he held until joining Master in 2017. 

Photo Louis St-Laurent Photo Louis St-Laurent
Louis St-Laurent

President and Chief Executive Officer

Business acumen and management flair

Louis St-Laurent has been president of the Master Group since 2006. He started to make his mark upon graduating from Concordia University, thanks to his superior interpersonal skills and innate business sense. After gaining experience as a sales representative at Kraft, he was hired in 1984 as sales manager of Master’s Kelko division. With the company’s rapid expansion, he was promoted to the position of vice-president – marketing in August 1990. He became a shareholder a year later.

Louis St-Laurent is a natural leader and a remarkable executive who is deeply respected within the industry.