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Why become a customer?

The Master Group has developed a business model unique in our industry.

  • Our strengths: a solid partnership with our suppliers, the most complete and competitive range of air conditioning, heating, geothermal systems, refrigeration and ventilation products on the market, the superior technical skills of our engineering department, an advanced and technologic logistics system and customer attitude.
  • Product quality: Master develops close partnerships, many of which are exclusive, with various internationally renowned suppliers such as York, Fujitsu, LG and others. The strength of these partnerships are based among other things, on Master’s solid performance in terms of product marketing, which allows the company to acquire and maintain the largest market share throughout its territory.
  • Fast and flexible of customer service: Master’s standard in terms of rapidity is the highest in the industry due to the advanced system of its logistics department. All Quebec and Ontario branches are replenished daily by an overnight transportation service. An emergency service 24 hours, 7 days 7, is also offered in all our regions.
  • Customization: The diversification of Master’s product offering is unique. Through constant acquisitions of new product lines in all our business sectors, Master is the only company to offer such a complete range of products, making it a true ONE-STOP-SHOP.
  • Customer solidarity: Master has always developed very close relationships with its customers both by transmitting excellent technical knowledge and by offering an outstanding service. Customers are supported throughout each project, from quote preparation to full implementation and after-sales support.