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The air conditioner: an ally in times of extreme heat

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Every summer brings us periods of intense heat wave when heat and excessive humidity eventually overcome our spirit, our mood and sometimes our health. An air conditioner can be a very effective way to regain beneficial sleep and even counter some physical consequences. During heat waves, our body uses much energy to fight the heat, humidity and even pollutants and allergens found in the air. When exposed to excessive heat, the body – especially the cardiovascular system – undergoes tremendous stress. It is likely to suffer from heat stress causing many symptoms such as fainting, cramps, etc. An air conditioner becomes a very valuable ally in eliminating excess humidity, filtering the air and keeping the temperature at the desired comfort level.

The beneficial effects of air conditioning on our health are very real. From luxury products, over the years, air conditioners have become a must, especially for the most vulnerable among us: children, the elderly or sick people.

Beware of important temperature variations

During great heat periods, even public health services recommend spending a few hours a day in an air conditioned environment in order to refresh and relax the body. But be careful, very cold conditions are not recommended.
A drastic change in temperature causes a decrease in heart rate and blood flow and an increase in cardiovascular resistance and blood pressure. When variation is very important, there is a risk of thermal shock especially when these variations are repeated during the same day.
If the air conditioner’s temperature is set too low, you might be bothered by discomforts such as a stiff neck, sore throat, runny nose, headache, dry eyes and muscle cramps.

For proper use of your air conditioner

Here are a few tips to fully enjoy the benefits of your air conditioning unit:

  • It is recommended to avoid exposure to important temperature variations and to set your air conditioner accordingly.
  • Avoid sleeping in a cold draft: your neuro-musculo-skeletal system could shrink as a result of the cold stream and cause a stiff neck or a sore throat. Install your air conditioner is a room adjacent to the bedroom, or refresh the rooms air during the day and shut off the air conditioner at night.
  • Service your air conditioner on a regular basis. Sustained and adequate maintenance of filters and ducts is effective to prevent the infiltration of contaminants.

Choosing the right air conditioner

Since using an air conditioner increases energy consumption therefore contributing to global warming, it is important to choose the right, energy efficient, Energy Star qualified unit. This technology allows the modulation of fan speed as well as the system’s power level according to outdoor temperatures and to your needs. It also provides energy savings up to 25%.

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