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Indoor units: which one to choose?

Ductless systems - Indoor units: which one to choose?

You have chosen a ductless air conditioning and heating system and all you have left to do is choose the type of indoor units. Most manufacturers now offer various types of indoor units designed to meet both your comfort needs at the particular architecture of your home.

If you opt for an air conditioner, the choice is limited because the vast majority of manufacturers offer only single zone models which are systems consisting of an outdoor unit and an indoor unit (wall mounted). Most often, wall mounted air conditioners are installed in the upper portion of a main wall in  your home or in the stairwell if the home is a cottage, which allows for maximum air circulation and air conditioning in all the rooms throughout the house. Wall mounted air conditioners are equipped with adjustable louvers which allows to direct the airflow without inconveniencing occupants.

Air conditioners, however, are slowly being replaced by heat pump systems, and for a good reason: for a small price difference, a heat pump provides more cozy comfort in heating mode, and at low energy costs. In addition, heat pump systems offer great flexibility in selecting a type of indoor unit.

Heat pump systems are available in single or multi-zone models, that is to say, it is possible to install a single indoor unit that can heat or cool the entire home, or to install up to four indoor units in different rooms which will meet the specific needs of the household.

Whether it is for a single zone or multi-zone heat pump system, various types of units are available:

Wall mounted heat pump: identical to a wall mounted air conditioner, this unit is the most popular. Given its size, it is easy to install almost anywhere in the house.

Console: this type of unit, recently introduced to the North American market, is increasingly gaining popularity. They are installed on the floor and their design is similar to that of a heater. Some will choose the console purely for aesthetics, or very often for architectural considerations. Although wall mounted units offer a sleek design, some prefer a discreet console installed at the bottom of the wall. A console requires installation in an open space, free of furniture or any large object which may obstruct the airflow.

Ceiling cassette: as its name suggests, the cassette is installed in a ceiling. Ideally on the first floor because it is designed to fit in between roof beams. This unit is ideal for tight spaces such as hallways or a cottage level because it is equipped with four-way louvers which maintain an even temperature throughout a space. Extremely discreet, this system blends with any decor with only the grill showing in the ceiling.

Compact ducts: If intimacy and tranquility are important to consider when designing your system, compact ducts are probably a wise choice. Among possible unit types, they are the only units requiring slim ventilation ducts, which connect the unit to supply grilles. It is possible to connect up to three ducts, for example to three bedrooms, providing maximum privacy for the occupants of each room.

Compact ducts are installed in the ceiling or on a wall, either horizontally or vertically. If the installation is done on the wall, a removable plate must be set up to access the unit for maintenance. Therefore installation requires a little more work and some minor renovations.

Discuss all your needs and restrictions with your dealer, he will assist you in the selection of units to ensure year round comfort and tranquility.

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