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Heat pump: a heating and air conditioning system

Heat pump: a heating and cooling system

Perfectly adapted to Canadian weather, a heat pump can serve as an air conditioning system in the summer and as a heating system in the winter. A heat pump actually transfers heat from one area to another or provides fresh air in your home when it is in defrost mode. A heat pump also allows you to control humidity which will increase your comfort level and your quality of life.

A heat pump has an average lifespan of 10 to 15 years, but we often see quality heat pumps still working after 20 years of loyal services.
With regard to costs related to a heat pump system, you should know that despite the slightly higher purchase price, heat pumps use less energy than conventional systems. An Energy Star certified heat pump will allow you to make significant energy savings in heating mode.

Heat pump systems offered by Master

Master offers a wide range of energy-efficient heat pumps to meet your needs in terms of comfort and air quality :

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