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Geothermal heating: forced air or hot water system?

Still largely unknown just a few years ago, geothermal energy technology is gaining popularity. Because it harnesses the free and renewable energy stored in the earth, it represents an effective and sensible heating and air conditioning solution for future generations. For this reason, more and more homeowners are turning to geothermal energy to ensure the comfort of their household.

This article is not intended to explain geothermal energy in great detail. Rather, the following text is intended to illustrate the great versatility of geothermal systems and to differentiate system types. To learn more, if necessary, refer to one of our various articles describing how the technology works.

Generally speaking, most people know that geothermal energy serves primarily as a heating and air conditioning system. But its versatility does not end there. Did you know that a geothermal heating system can also preheat water for domestic consumption? There are two types of systems, each with their own characteristics and possibilities:

Water-to-air geothermal system (forced air)

What does water-to-air mean? This type of system extracts heat from the heat transfer fluid (water) and converts it into hot air (air) or into forced fresh air to heat or cool the house. The system includes a compressor, a blower-motor and a circulation pump.


  • Heating and air conditioning mode
  • Can filter air from the home
  • Possibility of adding accessories such as UV lamps, electrostatic filters, electronic filters and humidifiers to improve air quality


Water-to-water geothermal system (hot water)

What does water-to-water mean? This type of system extracts heat from the heat transfer fluid (water) to produce hot or cold water (water).


  • Water heating for radiant floor heating systems, fan coil or radiator
  • Preheating water for domestic consumption
  • Can be combined with an existing hot water system
  • Can be adapted by adding a module for air conditioning


Looking for even more flexibility, comfort, and savings? Complete your installation with accessories and thermostats that will improve the performance of your system, in both air conditioning and heating modes. The following accessories and controls are available with WaterFurnace geothermal systems:

Zoning by room or by floor with IntelliZone ® 2: for maximum comfort, energy savings, heating or air conditioning only where you need it, with IntelliZone2 you can precisely regulate temperatures in up to six areas of your home.

Symphony® (optional on certain series): This comfort platform monitors the exact energy distribution throughout the house and gives you the information you need to reduce consumption. Control temperature settings and monitor real-time energy consumption on any phone or tablet connected to the Internet from anywhere in the world.

For more information on our geothermal heating systems and all their advanced features, visit one of our certified dealers.

Geothermal heating: forced air or hot water system?

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