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Articles about Air Conditioning and Heating

The maintenance of your central heating

October 19th 2016

What needs to be done during the maintenance of your central heating system? The Master Group’s specialists give you some advice to consider.


Air conditioning or not?

April 29th 2016

Once considered a luxury, air conditioning has been democratized over the years to become a standard commodity. It is now affordable for almost everyone to enjoy a cool breeze during the most overwhelming heat waves.


Air conditioner maintenance

April 14th 2016

Air conditioners require maintenance. The efficiency, proper operation and durability of your air conditioner relies on good maintenance. 


Central heating

December 15th 2015

By definition, a central heating is a system with a single power supply which has the ability to heat a whole house by distributing heat in every room through a network of ventilation ducts or pipes. Energy sources vary according to their availability by region: electricity, oil, gas, propane and wood are the most frequently used.


Indoor units: which one to choose?

March 20th 2015

You have chosen a ductless system and all you have left to do is choose the type of indoor units. Most manufacturers now offer various types of indoor units designed to meet both your comfort needs at the particular architecture of your home.


Choosing a heat pump

Decembre 10th 2014

You are not sure if you should buy a heat pump? Be aware that this proven technology has been around for decades and that the many improvements it has received over the years, make it one of the most efficient comfort systems on the market, in addition to providing quieter operation and significant energy savings. Heat pump systems are highly recommended for maintaining a comfortable temperature in winter and summer.


Gas heating

Novembre 4th 2014

Natural gas heating is well known for its efficiency and for the increased comfort it generates. The use of natural gas is widespread in Canada, where he ranked first as a source of energy dedicated to heating.


A brief history of heating systems

Septembre 8th 2014

About 500,000 years ago man discovered fire, and little by little, he managed to master it as an ally to ensure his survival and comfort. Ever since, fire, fed by wood and biomass, constitutes a vital source of energy for humans and is still today the primary source of heat in the world. Over the centuries, human ingenuity, inventions and technological advances have obviously allowed us to create increasingly cozy comfort.


The story of air conditioning

June 17th

Our summers, sometimes long in coming, are becoming increasingly torrid, with overwhelming peaks of heat and humidity. Air conditioning, once considered as a luxury, is now essential to our comfort and our health.

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